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#WOWAfrica Words Shall Give You Wings by Graciano Enwerem


When injected with hardship from life’s syringe,
When saddled with weights under which you cringe.
When you’d want to fly, but
your visa has lost her lotto,
When there’s nowhere
to run to, not even Toronto.
Just explore the hoofs of those topics,
Nibble on them like they were bananas.
They can chariot you to tropics,
They can convey you to soothing Savannahs.
Away from the hullabaloos of the rocky world,
Away from thorns from forests growing bald,
Words shall give you wings to fly.

To fly over leproused
hands gleanings 12 Million Nonsense,
Over well fed mouths
brand-dishing common sense.
Over the bandied bangs of giddy gangs,
Over the airings of zoological harangues.
Over the st-st-stuttering
snores from those that doze,
Over the vegetable silence of
tomatoes, comatosed as “incommunicados”.
Words shall give you wings to fly.

To fly through the mysterious mists of spinelessness,
Through the moody woods of expressionlessness.
Through several sieves of subjective criticisms,
Through the snailing on
thorns to tongue terrorism.
Away from the dumb dump of past ruins,
Ruins gagging the muffled minds of expressive tunes.
Away from the trappings of ill will,
The hegemony of shutting shrills –
Words shall rip you open and shall your mind sooth,
Words shall calaBASH your thoughts on the rocks of truths,
Words shall give you wings to fly!

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