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#WOWAfrica Words Give Wings To Stones by Nathaniel Increase


Words Give Wings To Stones

Words give mere stones wings to fly
Wings to soar and touch the sky,
head for last heaven to tell God hi
And ask him why
Why do these free-men cry?
Why has liberty become our own captivity?
Why must we dwell in the richest estate of penury?
Words give wings modified into fins
For fishes to swim In the oceans of dream
Help these lechers atone for their sins
And the sins
of fathers whose names we must redeem.
Martin Luther
Amiri Baruka
Ghandi Mahatma
And Mutab Akeem;
Yes these names will not remain broken calabashes by the utopian stream.
O Words give stones wings to fly
Yes we are the stones
The rejected chief corner stones
And we will fly high
Ever so high
To pluck diamonds dangling from the trees in the sky
Sell them to foot the dreams lurking In the poor beggar’s eye.
Yea these stones
Will take flight In the dead of the night
To shatter the glass- Castles of pervert Pontiffs carrying out the consecrated mass.
Yes Words give wings
Words give wings to stones
And we are the fabled stones
from the toddler’s sling to the giants temple.
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