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Words gave me wings by Faith Ubido aka FaithfullyPoetic


You see.
Words gives me wings
Spoken words brings me peace
Words spoken crowns me king me over situations.
see you can’t oppose this motion
cuz when i speak i  breath life into silent  Locations.
Watch my words come alive like the resurrection of Jesus

see my words growing wings it changes situations .
You know – when i speak In
simple harmonic motion – my words cut deep like a chain saw in action,

either causing harm or diluting aggravation, migrating population sometimes

i see my words laying foundations.
See words gives me wings.
And wings are ment to fly
But metaphorically speaking you don’t have to fly like a baby butterfly-
you just have to speak.
See my Words come alive like everything i have

i just have to speak it to life just one word at a time watch my words fully come alive and fly…
Not die or decelerate- Cuz words can do that to.


You See gravitational potentials applies to everything that has wing-( And you know Words give you wing)
So u very well can fall down and die when unintentional words come alive.


So listen.

Before una say something make una think am TWICE because
The tin wey  u say – it fit  just come alive and make you or  brake you maybe just change you.
See words gives you wings,
And wings are meant to fly,
But you don’t have to fly like a baby butterfly,
All you suppose do na speak
And remember words gives you wings.

Watch the video here http://warofwordsng.com/war-of-words-africa

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