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WOW Online Poetry Slam Edition 3 is now on.


The themes for the ROUND 1 of this 3rd edition of the online poetry slam competition are “Made of poetry” and “Words will work wonders.” This means all poets are to submit 2 spoken word poems each.

Read the rules here http://warofwordsng.com/slam-arena

The prize money for the winner is $25 (or its Naira equivalent of N5,000 at N200 = $1) at the end of the 3rd Round.

Submission of entries for ROUND 1 starts from 12 pm Sunday October 25, 2015 to 12 am on Sunday November 15, 2015.

Voting for ROUND 1 Starts from 12 pm on Sunday November 1, 2015 to 12 am on Sunday November 29, 2015. Time Zone is West African Time.

Use the form below to upload your (audio) entry. All entries must be 3 minutes or less, must be in mp3 format, must be original and should not be more than 100mb in size.

The poets with the highest votes in this ROUND 1 will proceed to ROUND 2.

To enter for WOW Online Poetry Slam Edition 3 go to this link:




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