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Let the falling leaves tell the tales of dying branches

To the growing shrubs

Let it feed their push green

With a dose of its faded brown

Let the setting sun tell the raging day

It will never live to see the night

Tell the moon if it should ever copulate with the sun

it would birth but off-springs of darkness

Tell the sons of the sun, that

they can only shine in the light

Tell those that were denied wings by the gods

That they can only fly with words

So I plant my heart into the earth

To unearth the melodies of my mind

I float my memories amidst sea waves

To watch them glide alongside giant whales

I unsheathe my ink flow

To animate boundless tales

I unbridle my armory of words

To give flight to my rooted being

Cause words give me wings

I spread out my words as wings

And float alongside the desert winds

Molding grotesque images of love and unity

Justice and equity

With the smoky white puffs of the night clouds

I sit atop the floating edges of mount Olympus

Engaging in a feast of words with the golden gods

Wielding an artifact more potent than Poseidon’s rod

With words I am god

I bring alive and kill

Those images jumping around in the creativity of your mind

With words,

I traverse universe in the blink of an eye

I drift in and out of galaxies at will

I’ve got one foot on the hot desert sand of the Sahara

While the other shiver from the frosty cold of the North Pole

Word makes the world

Words light fire in the heart of men

Words are pale shadows of forgotten names

Word can wring tears from the hardest hearts

Words are like honey, its sweetness is corny

Words are like air, we live and breathe them

Words are nemesis, they hunt you

Words are messiahs, they save you

Words are the silence on dead nights

Making the whirring world stand still

Word makes the world

I would hurl words into the overwhelming darkness of the human mind,

And wait for an echo

If an echo does sounds, no matter how faintly, I would send other words

To tell, to fight, and to teach

To lift up to unattainable heights

To give wings to those denied the gift of flight

To create

Word makes the world.



Poem source: http://loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com.ng/2016/05/poems-read-at-loudthotz-poetry-open.html

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