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WORD UP Volume 7 got people high poetically: Pictures of the event


On February 15, 2014, people came from far and near to enjoy the best of Spoken Word Poetry at the biggest Spoken Word Poetry event in Nigeria. The event was none other than WORD UP Volume 7.

From new and exciting poets to established stars to poetry in spanish and in french, it was a roller coaster of poetic lines, verses, words and yarns at Word Up Volume 7. The soul singers (Tejumade and Ajibola) also ensured there was no dull moment.

The  event was themed “Let’s talk about love,” and talk about love the poets did, though, one or two of them did branch into other subject matter aside love.

The audience enjoyed every part of it and even the Government officials present did not want the show to end.

People that came for the event said it was the best poetry show they have ever attended. Well, i2X Media (the event organizer), says “you ain’t seen nothing yet, this was just a prelude of things to come.”

Here are some of the pictures of the event.

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Duvy and her hubby’s arrival at Word Up Volume 7

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Don Fabrino and Duvy (Emcees of the event) doing what they know how to do best

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Cross section of people enjoying the best of Spoken Word Poetry in “Naija”

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The special adviser to Osun State Governor and the representative of Lagos Commissioner for Education listening with rapt admiration

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Poetic lines leading to poetic cuddles 🙂

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Spoken Word Poets – Next Generation???

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Beautiful faces at the event

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Poetically high people

1-243  1-275 1-276

After event photo shoot.

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1-206 1-205

New poetry lover – Paulo

Photo Credit: Mc Atte Photography 08036536088


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