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Without Blindfolds #warofwords6 – Mano Prosper



Should i cite again my pain from the beginning
At two told was i who to love where not to go
Whose grains not to eat whose water to drink
Do you remember that innocent seed sprouting from a broken edge
Tht was reminiscing still on the tears of mother who had her heart broken by father whose
Lashes has left lasting marks marks that brings tears continually to my eyes

At three i was tortured against my will to get acquainted to abc
No one asked if i had come for the screws, hammers or paintings
They changed my direction, they changed my scripts
They limited me yet expected me to be the wind
They clipped my wings yet expected to fly
They gave me hardwork and told me to work hard
Walked have i this stressful roads and i hav returned home first class
Yet every other night i weep because there are neither jobs nor renumerations

At four, i was called evil, devil, shameful because i could regurgitate memory
Memory verses that has kept us in chains and perpetual bondages
Memory verses that has made us dumb, deaf and blind to the exploitations of leaders and preachers
Our rivers are flowing fresh corpses and fishes
Our brothers gets roasted in jesse, adeje and maiduguri
Our crops are failing, our young ones and aged ones are dying
Yet we are trapped in the perimeters of these memory verses.
I weep every other night for their blindfolds.

Sixteen, i was called slave because i knew not my culture
Religion, Civilization, innovation had wiped away my tradition
So i weep every other night because my fathers fathers fathers chose only to live

Eighteen, my vote counted
My trust got trampled on
Grandma never got her pension
No light, no right with lies and prices going high
I do not weep for myself but for the weak ones, the disabled and the dying ones

Now my veins have become so hardened
Tears alone can no longer express my saturated pain
So i bleed from my bloodshot eyes
For my people, my community, for my nation
I bleed from all over me, i bleed green, i bleed white, i bleed green again
My head, eyes, my nose, all over me, my hands my legs
I spill blood like christ for your awakening
And if ever you are awoken like me
Do you bleed


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