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Winning in business like a “resident Cobra Hitman” by Olumide Holloway


The Mongoose is a small rodent like mammal. They are naturally found in Asia, Africa and parts of Europe. They are short legged animals with pointed noses, small ears and long furry tails. Their fur is gray to brown and is commonly grizzled or flecked with lighter gray.

The adult size of the Mongoose ranges between 7 inches to 28 inches (without measuring the tail) and depending on the species.

They live in burrows that they rarely dig them themselves, instead opting to move into vacant burrows left by other animals.

The Mongoose eats plants, small mammals, birds, reptiles and eggs. They also attack and kill poisonous snakes, as they appear to be almost immune to the poison of a snake.

Mongooses are extremely quick and agile, which allows them to effectively dodge the attacks of snakes with relative ease. They usually adopt a matrix style dodge/ maneuver when facing the King Cobra or the Black Mamba. 

They dodge the snake’s attacks time and time again waiting for the snake to tire. Then they dart at the head of the snake and crack the skull with a powerful bite.

The King Cobra (between 10 to 18 feet) and the Black Mamba (maximum length of 14 feet) are easily the biggest snakes in the class of the most deadly and poisonous snakes in the world. These two snakes are fast too.

Yet, the Mongoose has successfully killed both on separate occasions time and time again.

One of the books I love to always re-read for ideas on Business, Marketing and dealing with Competition is REWORK by Jason Fried and David H Hansson.

Three key points on dealing with Competition from the book are:

1. Pick a fight
2. Don’t outspend, out-teach.
3. Decommoditize your product.

Let’s start with one, pick a fight. The King Cobra and Black Mamba, are not “prey,” they are predators. Even Big Cats such as Lions, won’t mess with these snakes, because they will get bit.

The Mongoose is small, agile and quick. Also, the venom of he snakes don’t easily penetrate the fur of the Mongoose.

If you think a Competitor sucks, say so. When you do that, you’ll find that others who agree with you will rally to your side. Taking a stand always stand out, people get excited by conflict. They take sides, passion are ignited and the society takes notice of you. It also gives you a great story to tell people aka customers.

But please note, sometimes, once in a while (or “two whiles”), the Mongoose does not win against these big poisonous snakes.

So pick your fights carefully.

Two, don’t try to outspend, outsell or outsponsor Competitors, try to out-teach them. Depending on your line of business, you can replace out-teach with out-work or out-maneuver your Competitors.

The Mongoose does not stay still waiting to take snake bites, it is constantly on the move. It’s small and faster. Quick decisions and quick actions are required to out-wit your bigger Competitors.

Out-teaching is whole new level of connection with your customers. It allows you earn loyalty, trust, respect and new fans. No matter what you do, you know something other people don’t. If you are in business, you have more experience than people waiting to start their own. So there is always, always something to teach.

Personally, I do a lot of studying and research on the Business of Spoken Word Poetry, and love to share information and knowledge of what I’m about to decipher, which is why I write often.

Now to number three, decommoditize your product. If you are successful, people will try to copy what you do. So you should become the competitive advantage, by making “you” a part of your product or service.

Pour yourself into your product/service and everything around your business: how you sell it, how you support it, how you explain it, and how you deliver it. Competitors can never copy the you in your product.

The Mongoose is not the only meat eating mammal, but most animals bigger and faster, can’t successfully kill snakes. There is a distinct personal signature to how the Mongoose delivers service.

As regards distinct personal signature, I consider myself a nurturer, so I’m always seeking ways to promote and help poets, especially the younger ones.

In closing, become a “resident cobra Hitman” like the Mongoose. Be a force to reckon with.
However, don’t get over confident, for “Snakes” can still land bites on you.

Any questions?
Well, answers are not guaranteed 😂😂🤣.

But ask all the same so I can give you home work!!!

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