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Why you should engage and connect this COVID-19 Season


One way or the other, sooner than later, certainly and surely, we know we will win the battle over COVID 19 (by God’s grace).

However, as at this point in time, everywhere is on lock-down and we have people who are bored or scared or both. Most of them are online, looking for something, anything that can engage them.

I am yet to see anything online that a brand is leveraging to engage these minds that are willing and receptive at this point in time. But it seems most brands are unsure on what to do, so they play the waiting game.

By the time this crisis is over, businesses – new, old, struggling, surviving, and thriving will push out marketing campaigns like we’ve never seen before. There will be so much marketing, the glut of information will leave people confused. And when confused, people stick to what they already know or take no action.

If you ask me, I think the best time to push your brand is now, and the key word is not marketing or sales, but engagement.

How will the brand engage minds at this time?

Simple, we are all social animals, and self isolation has made us painfully aware that when isolated, we are alone and lonely. So to engage, connect with emotions using the power of words.


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