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Why is a Poetry Slam Competition important?


Why is a Poetry Slam Competition important?

Possible Answer:
Well, first of all, it is fun because of its competitive nature.

And from my perspective, we all are in one form of competition or the other. Most people are neighbours to the Joneses and Kardashians, so they try to keep up. In other words, most people are in competition with other people, while some of us are in competition to beat our last efforts/ achievement.

The fact that Poetry Slam Competitions come with incentives, rewards and/ or recognition also adds spice to the drama.

The competitive aspect of the competition makes it important as it facilitates the need for poets and like minds to develop mentally, academically, emotionally and socially, as well as, providing a good dose of entertainment and possible source of revenue.

Some of the key benefits that Poetry Slam Competitions bring to the table are as follows:

1. Improves Self Confidence and Self Awareness.
2. Encourages Community Engagement and Team work.
3. Improves Academic Participation/ Literacy Development.
4. Improves Writing and Communication Skills.
5. Ensures Recognition, Relevance, and Appreciation by the Society.
6. Serves as a source of Livelihood/ Income Generation.
7. Improves Presentation/ Public Speaking/ Performance Skills.
8. Serves as a Source of Entertainment for the Society.

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