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Who Will Beat My Daddy?


I trip over my doll; a slap
I slip across the tiles; a spank
I slumber on my homework; real beating
Let me forget to eat my lunch; I’m dealt with!
Who will beat my daddy?

He says he’s the best
His eyelids never know rest
He alone speaks wise words
That his tongue finds no wrong
Who can beat my daddy?

I scream at night, he will beat me
I mop his suit, he will beat me
I jump on the pillow, he will beat me
I wash his wristwatch, he will still beat me
Who will beat my daddy too?

Over dinner I must not speak
But with mum he will laugh and gist
He will yell “Where’s your table manners?”
Yet he discuss office matters
Please come and beat my daddy

©Olaleye Doyin Sunshine

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