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Who love epp???


The Voice: what do you have in your hand?

Me: a pen and pad.

The Voice: Ok, write something.

Me: What should I write about?

The Voice: Listen to your heart.

Me: My head is thinking about money.

The Voice: I said your heart.

Me: Well, I feel love within.

The Voice: Good, write it.

Me: Who love epp?

The Voice: It saved you, didn’t it?

Me: But how do I know who needs love, I can’t just ask, “hey, you want to be loved?”

The Voice: Just write about love, let it flow, trust your heart, and they who need it, will seek and find it.

Me: Hmm….

King Olulu

Building capacity in people using words and poetry.


Cover Picture Source: https://www.trcnyc.org/event/writing-your-story/2021-01-08/

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