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Who understands what we say

The way we laugh

The way we play

When we do hide and seek

In the woods and I chase after you


For example watching the tv

Many shooting and screaming

With a look we understand what we say

Not saying a word

But our hearts click with symphony


I laugh and you know why

When I’m blushing

You caused it again

I feel fresh and you?

Like a lil’ fresh first love


There’s something like candle

In my heart

Shining even brighter every second

Who can believe what we share

So pure yet simple and true


Sometimes I watch lie on the bed

So gentle and pure without stain

It makes feel like a little child

Enchanted in the purity of heart

Who knows what could have been

If I had not met you when I did


I talk about you everywhere

Sing your praise

Like I’m your town crier

But I understand what we share

It’s something that happens

Once in a lifetime


See how your face lit up

When I whispered in your ears

With mouth wide open

I love your laughter

It makes me remember

Why I fell in love with you

That’s why I whisper

I love you into your heart



MichaelDaudu © 2013


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