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Where were you???


Why did you come
At this ungodly hour
When we had nothing
Not even ashes

Where were you
When the witches
Were beating the drums of our doom
And singing the songs of our horror

Where were you
When the walls of our home were dilapidating
All I could do was stare
At our misfortune

Akanbi tell me
Where were you
When all we built were consumed in fire
And all we ever wanted got burnt

Where were you
When your mother was speaking
The language of the corpses
In agony and in pain

Where were you
When Asake was being called a bastard
When shame chased her away
Now she is gone

Where were you
When I was in labour
Fighting alone to bring our son to the world
I tried but I also failed
He died

Where you when
You family and I roamed naked
Begging for alms to feed on
When all eyes knew our misery

Where were you
When God turned his back
And left us in our dilema
When we sort for mercy
But got bone

Tell me
Where you were


Ayorinde Thea Ayotimofe

Picture source: https://coffee4thesoul.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/where-were-you/

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