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Where are those moderate whites?


I need to know the moderate whites
Those who can look at your color in kindness
And say we are one and the same
That our differences are designed to emphasize beauty in creation

I need to know the moderate whites
Willing to fly kites
Beyond the borders that neighborhoods draw
Who possess enough character to confess benefiting from structural flaws

Are you the moderate white
Who sees black lives matter
As a theory built on how other lives matter too
I didn’t say you matter less
Or that I matter more
I just say that I matter

I didn’t say it in self-flatter
I didn’t say it to place myself on a higher platter
I say it in protest against natural patterns
I say it against being at ends of deeds that are grotesque
Are you the moderate white
Who sees my plight, and joins me in my fight?

Where are the moderate whites
Those ones who are like the moderate muslims
The ones lying a few miles away from the extremes of Donald
Who oppose cops acting like they are highway robbers

Who are those moderate whites
Who do not believe a race has to have a place
That there are templates that skin colors must fit into
That we are not influenced by the poison of politics
That we are made thick by our diversity
That injustice begins with inequality
That history has the ingredients to humble each one
That we exist to forgive and correct
That horrors are not easy to forget
Minds often replay scenes with hearts beating fast
Carpets are now bulging by the burden of dirt it has to hide
We have victims with brooms, where are those that will join to them sweep
Where are those moderate whites?


Akeem Oyalowo
July 11, 2016

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