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When you say goodbye,
I definitely will not cry;
I’ll only drown in the salt sea
that will endlessly
ebb from the wells of my eyes.
I’ll command the day to cease to be,
and stop the sun never again from its eastern bed to rise;
as I end the earth, not with fire but ice.

When you say you can no longer cope,
I definitely will not commit suicide with a rope;
I’ll only tie a balloon to the ceiling fan,
climb a chair and closely watch it deliriously jerk and turn like a hanging man.
I’ll reverse the hands of my wall clock,
cause it 2 work
in an anti-clockwise direction;
and command the earth to halt her revolution.

When you say you can’t do this again,
that what we share is over;
I definitely will not go insane,
nor die of a high fever.
I’ll only be a patient well enough
to kill my doctor,
put myself in a handcuff,
and plead guilty in front of the juror.

O! When you are gone,
I definitely will not shoot myself with a gun;
I’ll only swallow its bullets
like sleeping tablets,
and digest its lethal content of lead,
as vital vitamins
required nutrients for the healthy nourishment of the living dead.


Soonest I Nathaniel


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