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When words make love……………!!!!!


Poetry is like love making

where the ink and paper engage in deep kissing,
the mind goes back and forth thrusting
and fingers hold the paper lovingly and like its caressing.
Can I use words to caress,
with no regrets?
Can I pierce u with words,
sharp like the tip of a samurai’s sword?
I wonder if I can use words to do a little intellectual love making
with no heart breaking
no tears falling
and no orgasm faking.
I wonder if I can tease and please with words
words that strike hearts’ chords,
that makes the robe come untied,
the mind becomes unbind,
and as the room is cosy,
bodies start to get busy.
Words are as cool and sweet like honey,
capable of making u feel, warm, comfortable and funny.
I can use words to make love with your mind,
put ur mind in a bind,
make u concentrate and appreciate,
ready and willing to come close and demonstrate.
that’s all I have

and its all I need.



By Olulu, (the King not from Zulu)


Picture Source: http://idibon.com/weve-lost-that-lovin-feelin/


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