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What role does Spoken Word Poetry play in business?


What role does Spoken Word Poetry play in business?

Spoken Word Poetry has always been a marketing tool/ medium that brands and businesses leverage to sell and grow their business. We’ve always had spoken Word Poetry in various advert forms – written, audio and video. Most times the audio and video are performed by paid professional actors. However as a stand alone art, Spoken Word Poetry can be much more impactful.

What core service can Spoken Word Poetry provide as a stand alone art?

Experiential marketing, also known as Engagement marketing. It will provide an experience that ensure brand awareness, brand visibility, brand engagement and brand equity.

How will this be achieved ?

Through the power of sight and sound. Like food to the body, so is words to the soul.

Words play key roles in all what we do daily. After all, affirmations, prayer, encouragement, clarification/ explanation, advice and criticism are all verbalized.

And the mind is like a sponge, you can’t unsee or unhear. Once seen or heard, the mind absorbs it.

How crucial is Spoken Word Poetry in this present time?

Spoken Word Poetry addresses (at least) 8 human needs, i.e. the 8Es. Spoken Word Poetry provides a platform for the following:

Emotional intelligence
Emotional therapy

What’s the viability of Spoken Word Poetry to a brand?

Attention is a key asset in this present age, and dominating a niche usually guarantees attention. This is because the people in the niche will become your brand evangelists.

This also spills over to other niches as the people in that niche also belong to other niches and as your brand evangelists they will preach your brand everywhere they go

In conclusion, right now, Spoken Word Poetry is like a big sweet cake that no brand has taken direct ownership of. The highest some brands have done is to take a small slice off the big cake. When you take ownership of that cake, you will get the attention your brand deserves.

Olumide Holloway (King Olulu)

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