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What is the role of spoken word poetry in the modern society?


Spoken Word Poetry is the art of open expression. Like any art it is always useful in the sense that it is a medium that allows somebody to be open, honest and true to themselves. It also removes the “academic” stigma around poetry and brings it back to a very soulful place making it more accessible to the masses.

Because of this accessibility there is a true underground community developing around this art form. The community is becoming a HUGE voice speaking on many progressive and revolutionary ideals and unabashedly tackles issues regarding race, classism, woman’s rights, equality, mental health, politics, social injustices local and beyond, and really any issue that has been historically silenced and/or marginalized. This makes it a very effective tool to help youth, and those who have been cast aside by our society, deal with internal issues that our world does not do a good job of helping them express. It can be very freeing to anybody who has struggled in silence and helps them articulate things that they may not have had the tools to express.

Spoken word is bringing activism to a new platform and creating a way to educate the world on issues that they may not be normally exposed to. It honestly portrays thousands of different perspectives and their struggles & successes in navigating through our modern day society as well as offers people the opportunity to write their own narratives.

It is new, it is fresh, it is Revolutionary and it is slowly becoming more and more recognized as being a powerful art that can galvanize the soul, free the mind and open hearts. In short Spoken Word Saves Lives.

by Dennis Amadeus, A practicing and experienced orator in the field of Spoken Word Poetry

Culled from: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-role-of-spoken-word-poetry-in-the-modern-society

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