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What is left of what is right? by Olulu


What is left of what is right?

Fear not that I might harm you if you give a right answer to this muddy puzzle puzzling me mind.
After all, my craft is not in the air and my “In God We Trust” is unwritten,
making me unable to buy “death bearers” from the South.
But, why pay cash when wire transfer is faster and better?
We are cashless, right?
Well, rules are for the ruled,
not for the rulers.
Besides, an “holy” plane is needed to sanitize the arms.

What is left of what is right?

Please…. I don’t want an helicopter circling my “multi storey building.”
Hey, don’t you dare ask if I have building approval,
do you know who I am?
I, that can predict that Chelsea will win Arsenal home and away,
I, that can predict that the day after tomorrow will soon bear the name today.
I, that can predict that a dead clock will be right twice a day.
But I just discovered that if an helicopter circles my building 3 times,
it might topple it.
How come I did not see that coming?
You don’t believe me?
Oya wait, let me show you the video.

What is left of what is right?

Kill or be killed is their 9 to 5.
If they have not the right equipments, who cares?
They signed for it, right?
So if they get angry at being used as guinea pigs and pawns,
they must not express it.
If they express it,
they must not take action.
If they take action,
then a dozen bites the dust.

What is left of what is right?

Our luck must return back,
let’s hash tag it and ask our disciples to make it trend.
After all,
there is nothing wrong if we don’t get the unwilling brides back
all that matters is to remain incumbent.
But wait,
Lucky One, please give the order
so we can bring down the banners.
A meddling paper from the Land of Brave has yabbed us.
We will blame it on the alcohol,
or better still,
we will blame it on those who don’t party with us,
and just say,
it wasn’t us.

What is left of what is right?
Well, please tell me what is right about what is left?


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