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Woman standing at fork in stone pathway in lake
They ask what’s sugar made of
I ask if they’ve ever seen her smile
I wanted to know
If they’ve seen the power of softness
Happiness dissolving on the lips.
Before the man confessed he fell
He first started to slip
And when the dreams came
He discovered he is still not asleep.
I know they have questions
But it is hard to share visions
It is easy to follow visuals
Flow with the tide
And be led deep into the oceans
It’s easy to look into her eyes
And describe your future
Your words hence
Are seen to be filled with confidence
Acting so cool
As warmth becomes heat in a tropical continent
When joy emerges from a soul
It begins to isolate
It places you on a tree
And makes you see life going on down below.
You might be bellowed at
Someone somewhere telling you to please be awake
To not fall into the mud
To always be conscious of what is at stake
And then she tells them
This is a state of consciousness
Dreams beckoning on life
You have to be alive to make it happen
Throwing stones skywards
Beckoning on a tree to let go of an apple
Loving, is a deed for the living
It erases sin
Often at the meeting of eyes,
So there won’t be a need to say all has been forgiven.
Some people are describing perfections
But those on the journey are not asking for directions
A heart has its own maps
Its fuel is maintaining a clasp
Two hands joined as Siamese would
Two souls melting into one, as bangles often make a wrist do
They ask what dreams are made of
I tell them, it happens when eyes have seen enough
And a soul can describe its destination.
It is when it stops walking alone
It is when it is happy to duck stones
And caress its treasures
It is when it is happy to not measure its pleasures
It is when a giver opens up to receive
It is the faith in the future, in which we are yet to live
It is when both head and heart discover a melting point
A loosening of rations
An easy steer of stirring emotions
Devotions forever preceded by a smile
A quickened pace found at the feet of time
Rejuvenations, secret jubilations
Body, mind and soul in collaboration
It is the switching of gears
Of a life experiencing eternal elevation…
Culled from http://loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com.ng/2016/08/poems-read-at-loudthotz-poetry-open.html

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