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What do you Wear? by Donna Ogunnaike



Spoken Word Poetry by Donna K at Word Up Volume 2, Lagos, Nigeria.

Word Up is the biggest Spoken Word Poetry Event in Nigeria. It features the best of the poets across the globe all on one stage.


Donna the Poet is one of the Amazons of Spoken Word Poetry in Nigeria. When she is on stage every other thing freezes.

Donna, since childhood, has had an unwavering love for the arts, winning prizes in literature and fine arts in her secondary school, Atlantic Hall Co-Educational Secondary School. She started writing her thoughts at the young age of 13 and has not stopped since then.


Donna’s style of writing invokes a lot of imagery as she takes her audience on a vocal and imaginative journey through every poem she recites. She is often invited to recite poems written by other artistes who have favoured and enjoyed her creative style of delivery.

Her vision is to deploy words into the conscious self of every human being; cause them to pause, reflect and adjust the decisions they make which impact on their lives and on the lives of the people around them. She believes that change comes within the individual and that if thoughts and decisions are deployed effectively, then the resultant actions would eventually permeate the moral and social fibre of a community and the world at large – one individual, one thought, one decision at a time.

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