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These words…


I may not be able to rhyme

At this point in time

But nevertheless I’m gonna give my dime

On the state of this clime

The chiefs plunder our resources with impunity

While the youth dance azonto with dexterity

And the rot continues with alacrity

What will our children think of us

When they ask for the source

Of the rot, and all we can do is gawk

The streets are littered with carnage

While prosperity is the gospel of the new age

And internet scam is the bane of this age

The crooks from Harvard

Are our dukes of hazard

While the homegrown students are laggards

The power is epileptic

The roads cataclysmic

And the economy apocalyptic

These words are my only weapon

To wake us from our snoozing

And prompt us to action

To save our dear Nation


by Tayo Ayinde aka T Bone

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