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Here you go again.
Tell me no more
Tell me no story
Tell me no sorry
What do you know about pain?
Through it you were born
Through it you strive
Through it you scale (climb)
But, what do you know about pain?
What is the language of your tears?
What is your laughter saying?
What tune plays in your heart?
What are you thinking?
Mtchew, whatever.
You know nothing about pain
The bigger your problem,
There is a biggest somewhere
The smaller you have,
There is a smallest somewhere
Oh yeah, what do you know about my own pain
Camouflaged is your laughter
Taunting is your tears
In the trash, threw you cares
Of that smile, I harbor fears
Mild face, but heart is fierce
Stop pretence and let me be
You don’t know about my pains
(c) Psalm A Praise

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