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What can Jaguars teach on USP? by Olumide Holloway


After compiling over 10 chapters of Business lessons derived from the Animal world, I thought I should give it a rest.

However, I was browsing “jejely” when I saw a picture, which lead to seeing several videos and it was clear I had to write again.

The Jaguar is the 3rd largest cat in the world, exceeded in size by the Tiger and Lion. It can weigh up to 100kg and a body length of 5ft 6 inch.

The Jaguar has a compact body, a broad head and powerful jaws. Though it looks similar to the Leopard, but the Jaguar is taller and far more powerfully built than the Leopard. The spots on both cats are also distinct and different when viewed closely.

Jaguars have incredibly powerful jaws, strong enough to pierce skulls and crack a sea turtle’s shell. They are fearsome predators and will hunt anything from frogs, fish, Crocodiles, Alligators to livestock, cows and deer.

The Jaguar has the strongest bite force of any big cat (relative to its size). While the Jaguar employs the deep throat bite and suffocation technique typical among big cats, it sometimes uses a killing method unique amongst cats. It pierces directly the bones at the sides and base of the skull between the ears of prey with its canine teeth, piercing the brain.

The skull bite enables the Jaguar to successfully kill reptiles such as Crocs and Alligators, by leaping on the back of the prey and severing the bone beneath the skull, which immobilizes the target. 

Unlike most big cats, the Jaguar loves the water, it swims, bathes, plays and hunts in streams and pools. It can also climb trees but unlike the Leopard, the Jaguar can’t carry its prey while climbing the tree.

Jaguar is the apex predator in the jungle where it is located. It has no direct Competition (except other Jaguars). Jaguars are mostly (and only) found in the jungle of central and southern America. It is a solitary animal. Jaguars only come together in mating season, and in a mother and child relationship.

What are the business lessons therein? Well, we can pick 3 or 4 from the Jaguar. These are:

1. Location: the Leopard (which is similar but smaller to the Jaguar) is located in both Africa and Asia jungles. In Africa, the Leopard has to face other predators like Lions, Hyenas, Wild Dogs etc, while in Asia, the Leopard has to face the Tiger and Bear.

The Jaguar rules the jungle, it is a market leader. With no direct competitors, it determines the economy of the jungle and dominates other predators even including the Anaconda. Location is key to business, it has a direct effect on the future success or failure of the business. So pick your location wisely.

2. USP (Unique Selling Point): Lions and Tigers (the biggest cats) rarely get to kill big reptiles such as Crocs and Alligators, cos their throat biting and suffocation/ killing technique won’t work for big reptiles. How do you get to the throat of a Crocodile without it biting you? 

However, the Jaguar’s USP is the skull biting technique. Pierce the skull, puncture the brain or sever the bone connecting the brain and spine and it is lights out for the Croc. What is your USP? What makes you easily do what others struggle to do?

Find it, learn it, perfect it and you will eat Crocs, sorry I mean, you will profit a lot.

3. Risk taking: going into the water to hunt and kill Crocs is a risk, the table can turn against the Jaguar and it usually does. However, to get that special deal, you need to take risks. Leave that comfort zone, go to where others won’t dare, do what others think impossible and become a force to reckon with. No pain, no gain…know pain, know gain!!!!

The fourth would be niche Marketing, but these three should suffice for you.

Even if you forget all I wrote, don’t forget this: Find your USP, cultivate it, perfect it, deploy it.

Need help? Holla, I’m at your service.


Olumide Holloway (King Olulu)

Building capacity in people using words and poetry.




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