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I have seen plumpy girls
with chubby cheeks and lined iris
but does she know that
the beads on her waist
is not a bid to waste money
on what she weighs?

A girl doesn’t know that
men like us prefer
the orange color of molue
to the dangling oranges on her chest.
The blinking eyes of a girl
reminds me of how my screen cursor
blinks at me,
when I’m of no muse.

A girl doesn’t know that
the foundation she applies on her face
is a good foundation for wrinkles
at the next phase.
So –
be careful before you jump into the pool,
the owner of the pool can’t even pull you out.

When a man tells you
your voice is like that of a peacock,
all he need is for you
to pee at his cock.
When a man tells you
your presence in his life
reminds him of the stars in the cloud,
remember –

(i) you are just one of those dying embers
that gives meaning to fire.
(ii) after dark,
the sun replaces the embers.

So, when the app underneath a man
pulls your shaky hips towards him,
only then
do you become the apple of his eye.
There’s nothing more to a girl
until the day
she’s caught under the blank(s)kirt
of Papa Obi
and if she doesn’t return home with a torn skirt,
the mascara on her face
becomes the massacre of seasoned blow jobs
from a jobless Mama Obi.

A girl doesn’t know
the meaning of doom
until the rod of a lunatic
gets stuck in her pool
and the only man with the antidote
was crushed off in a rail accident.

So, baby girl,
your behind is a good reason
why I will leave you behind.
When next a man tells you
“I love you”,
be sure to re examine
if there are butterflies in his stomach
or just flies rallying around a fresh butter.
Omo pupa lo maa pa ara re.


Yusuf Balogun Gemini.
IG : @balogunyusufgemini

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