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#WarOfWords3: What My Eyes Have Seen by Israel Etisioro



Oun oju mi tiri (what my eyes have seen)!

Through the crystal clear vision of my human reasoning have I seen,

grievous scenes that seemed to me like dreams but were real.

There’s no-one to tell but my lonely self to stare in full glare at the outrageous plots

by our political lords

on the teeming lots

to undermine their rights and buy their votes

with promises of hazy dreams and widows mites!


Oun oju mi tiri (what my eyes have seen)

Who can I tell?

I can tell no-one lest I’m sent to cell

and my miserly life be made a living hell.

My thoughts run mad

and my heart aches sadly at this dread.

There is none to tell

but for my eyes to see,

my heart to cry

and my mouth never to tell!


Oun oju mi tiri (what my eyes have seen)

through my wearisome journey in life

I have seen men strive to turn virtue to vice

and make lies the ideals of daily life!

Our young women open their legs freely for bread

and men throw reasoning out of the window at the site of a dame.

For ungodly lust our legacies becomes lost!


Oun oju mi tiri (what my eyes have seen)

I dare to say my eyes have seen my back without the aid of a mirror,

I have seen!

Oh God I have seen the horrors that inspire the sorrows of the masses,

like a sentenced slave

I bare the pain

working without gain.

But I swear though there’s no-one to tell

and the fear of being sent to cell I dread.

My pen shall never rest till there’s a soul that cares

and ears that dare to listen

with eyes to read what my mouth never could tell!


by Etisioro Israel



  1. Oun gbogbo oju wa ti ri, What our eyes have seen, if your pen dances on the smooth surface of A4 paper, you still stand the risk of the cell you dread so much. Pick up your armour and go the full length. Let your mouth speak what your pen as scribbled on the paper. Let your mouth dispense what your brush has slapped on the canvas an you may say enough to keep you out of the cell, you may say enough to raise followers who will fight your battle. hell, you may say enough to change what our eyes now see and save us all from the dreaded cell.

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