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War Of Words Season 8 commences with pleasure not pressure by Oyedokun Ibukun (Penawd)


Nigeria’s Foremost Poetry Slam Competition, WAR OF WORDS Season 8, deemed it fit to commence in a state of pleasure not pressure.

This can be traced as some of the poets, Judges, Organizers and other lovers of art present at KONA RECREATION HUB engaged in a number of games as a way to feel at home and calm the tension before the slam started in proper.

The main event soon commenced as Young Nigerian Poets across the nation came not just to showcase their poetic prowess, but also to project their A-Games.

The quarter final of War Of Words Season 8 featured 10 poets, namely: ImJust2wyth, 13th June, Stephen, Nkenna, Testimony, TiwiStar, Cephas, Oludasa, Victory Osas and DeeWordSmith.

The first round, being a no-theme round, had all the poets scale through, as they showcased their artistic prowess, but it was Oludasa that led the round.

The poets then proceeded to the second round, with each of them performing on the theme – Uplifting and Uniting Africa.

The Face-off thereby became a word war between the top 5 and the bottom 5, as determined by the scores in the first round.

After the faceoff, Stephen, Testimony, Imjust2wyth, TiwiStar and DeeWordSmith were knocked out. While Cephas, Oludasa, Victory Osas, Nkenna and 13th June made it to the final round.

The final round seemed to be the show of the night, as mind thrilling wordplays, imageries, punchlines, metaphors as well as, other literary tropes were utilized.

The final round saw 13th June, Nkenna, Victory Osas, Oludasa and Cephas having 23, 31, 31, 32, and 35 marks respectively, which made Cephas the winner for the Group 1 quarter final.

In same vein, there was a tie between Victory Osas and Nkenna as both scored 31 each. Thus, there was a one minute faceoff round and this was judged by the audience via raising of fingers. The decision was in favour of Victory Osas and this earned her the 3rd position.

All in all, Cephas, Oludasa, Victory Osas, Nkenna and 13th June  have qualified for the Semi-Final.

The 6th position is to be determined between TiwiStar and DeeWordSmith, being 6th and 7th respectively.

This means that one of them stand a chance to join the top 5 via online voting which will take place later in the week.

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