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War Of Words Africa – the concept of this NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE event


War Of Words Africa is an international poetry event aimed at promoting and showcasing new, unknown and upcoming performance poets from different part of Africa. It is a platform that announces the little known talents to the world. It seeks to make super stars of creative and talented Spoken Word Poets that can hold their own on any stage with world renowned performance poets.

The event is an upgrade from War Of Words, a fast rising Poetry competition that attracts poets from different part of Nigeria to coming to compete on one stage for a grand prize. It also serves as a way to select poets that will perform at International Performance Poetry events for established poets.

The concept of War Of Words Africa (International Poetry Slam Competition) is like the Poetry form of Reality Shows, but with variations and modifications to make it intellectually inspiring and excitingly entertaining.

It is and was to run or has ran like this thus far:

Online video submission – was from March 1 to March 28, 2016 but was extended by 2 weeks to April 12, 2016. We got over 60 valid videos (from an aggregate of 100 videos from different parts of Africa).

Auditions – held on April 23 and 24, 2016. 41 poets from different parts of Nigeria came for the auditions.

Final leg – 24 to 30 Poets will be housed, trained and compete over 4 to 6 weeks till we have a winner.

Things needed – accommodation, event center/ studio for recording every weekend for 4 to 6 weeks, Emcees/ host, trainers, TV and Radio interviews for the poets etc.

Activities the poets will do – Monday and Wednesday will be for lectures and training. Tuesday and Thursday will be for fitness training, rehearsals, and discovery / utilization of other talents they have, as well as, open mic night. Fridays will be for TV and Radio interviews and also Movie night. Saturdays will be for in-house interviews, photo shoot etc, Sundays will be the day of competition and elimination.

Proposed judges: to be announced.

Chaperons: to be announced.

People needed – Video crew, Audio crew, Trainers, PR, TV Producer/ Director, TV and Radio links, Stage Management/ Set design etc. 

Potential Celebrity Judges: To be announced.

The show itself will flow like this.

Week 1: the poets will perform in twos i.e. a duet of 2 to 3 minutes. The Judges will score and eliminate 2 lowest scores.

Week 2: the remaining poets will be separated into 3 equal groups and the first group will compete till the last 3.

Week 3: the second group will compete till the last 3.

Week 4: the third group will compete till the last 3.

Week 4: the 9 poets will face off, till we have just 3. The winner from these 3 will be based on votes.

Why War of Words Africa?

Well, we name our children hoping they attain or achieve the purpose/ meaning of the name. We don’t name children after they have achieved the meaning of their name. So we plan to grow into War Of Words Africa.

Way forward?

Well, at this stage, funding via investment /sponsorship is very key.

For more information and enquiries on the event find below our contacts details:

Email address: wordup4one1@gmail.com, olulu4ever@gmail.com, holla@wordup411ng.com

Telephone: Olumide +2348025070892, Ayo +2347068400846, Daniel +2348053001608, Fabian +2348030635360, Quazeem +2348080918265

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