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War Of Words Africa Video Submission is now extended till…..


Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it. ― Rumi


 Video submission which started 12pm Tuesday March 1, 2016 and scheduled to end 12am Tuesday March 29, 2016, is now extended to 12am Tuesday April 12, 2016. Please check changes in other details below.

i2X Media


War OWords Africa


(an International Poetry Slam Competition)

All African poets are eligible to enter for the competition whether or not the poets have participated in previous Poetry Slam Competitions organised by i2X Media Company Limited.

It is a competition that will bring together international poets from different walks of life to compete on the same stage. The auditions and main event will hold in Nigeria.

The prizes to be won are

  • 1st Prize : N1 million (i.e. N500,000 cash and an all expenses paid trip to perform at an International Poetry Festival/ event in Europe).
  • 2nd Prize: N300,000
  • 3rd Prize: N200,000

 Here is all you have to do

  1. The theme of the video entry for the Poetry Slam Competition is Words give you wings. Any entry not in line with the theme will be invalid for final selection.
  2. Submit an original poem that is in English, pidgin English or a combination of both. Please note that all non-English words used in the poem must be explained in the information box of the video. Also, we don’t encourage the use of swear words in poetry, so please keep it clean.
  3. Ensure The title of your poem  contains the official hashtag #WOWAfrica, else your entry is not valid.
  4.  Ensure  your name/ stage name, email address and words of the poem are in the information box of the video.
  5. Send the words of the poem to wordup4one1@gmail.com stating your name and title of the poem with the hashtag in the subject box of the mail.
  6. Ensure your video submission is not be more than 3 minutes long, file size should be less than 200mb and it should be in MP4 format. It must be uploaded on http://warofwordsng.com/ or on YouTube.
  7. To upload on warofwordsng.com, you would need to register on the site and upload your  video from (1) The profile page by clicking on profile and then media, (2)The activity room (3) Scroll down and use the upload box or Upload on YouTube using/ saving the video as #WOWAfrica – Name of poem – by (your name). Then tweet the link @wordup411 and also email the link to wordup4one1@gmail.com with the words of the poem.
  8. The submitted video must be one camera, one poet and recorded specifically for the competition. No live performance videos, no music, no props and no special effects. Please note that all poets are limited to one submission ONLY.
  9. You are required to tag @olulu and @admin in the comment section of your video upload on http://warofwordsng.com/
  10. You are also required to post the link of your profile page/Video in the comment section of  any posts  on  www.wordup411ng.com to render your entry as valid.
  11. Remember to tweet the submitted/ uploaded video with the official hashtag #WOWAfrica to @WORDUP411.
  12. Video submission starts 12am Tuesday March 1 2016 and is now extended till 12am Tuesday April 12, 2016 !!!!!!

The best 60 poets from the video submissions will be selected in-house by our judges and invited for audition(s).

The auditions holds from 12pm to 4pm on Saturday April 23 and from 2pm to 6pm on Sunday April 24, 2016. The venue(s) for the auditions will be communicated on April 15, 2016.

After the auditions 20 finalists will be selected for the main/ final rounds of the Poetry Slam Competition which will hold from May 1, 2016 to May 29, 2016.

Watch for updates on https://www.wordup411ng.com

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @WORDUP411

Like our facebook page    https://www.facebook.com/wordup411

Go to http://warofwordsng.com/war-of-words-africa to get started.

Let’s give wings to words, cos words give us wings.

Watch video entries for #WOWAfrica on WORDNAIJA.TV


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