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War Of Words 3: Video submission is now till May 18…!!!!



Are you a Spoken Word Poet?

Can you kiss words and make them dance?

Can you flip and throw words like a lance?

Can you use words to tease and to please?

and can your words make minds go loco?


i2X Media 

(organizers of WORD UP, the biggest Spoken Word Event in Nigeria)




War Of Words Season 3

(A Slam Poetry Competition)

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Up for grabs:


  1. 1. N100,000 for the winner, a brand new Android Phone for the 1st runner up and Airtime worth N10,000 for the 2nd runner up. 
  2. 2. The top three poets get to perform at the next edition of WORD UP alongside the best Spoken Word Poets in Naija.


The competition is only open to Poets that have never performed at any WORD UP event.

 Here is all you have to do  

  1. The theme of the video entry for the Slam Poetry Competition is What Do Nigerians Want. Any entry not in line with the theme will be invalid for final selection.
  2. Submit an original poem that is in English, pidgin English or a combination of both. Please note that all non-English words used in the poem must be explained in the information box of the video.
  3. Ensure The title of your poem  contains the official hashtag #WarOfWords3, else your entry is not valid.
  4.  Ensure  your name/ stage name, email address and wordings of the video are in the information box of the video. If the information box cannot contain the wordings of the poem, send it to wordup4one1@gmail.com stating your name and title of the poem with the hashtag in the subject box of the mail.
  5. Ensure your  video submission is not be more than 3 minutes long and remember it must be uploaded on your Youtube channel. If you don’t have a Youtube channel, please open one.
  6. The submitted video must be one camera, one poet and recorded specifically for the competition. No live performance videos, no music, no props and no special effects. Please note that all poets are limited to one submission ONLY.
  7. You will be required to post the link of the Youtube Video in the comment section of  any posts  on  www.wordup411ng.com  to render your entry as valid.
  8. You will also be required to tweet the video link with the official hashtag #WarOfWords3 to @WORDUP411.
  9. Video submission starts 12pm April 14 2014 and will now end Midnight of May 18, 2014 !!!!!!

A total of 15 poets will be chosen from the video entries for the competition. 

The first ten will be chosen by our in-house judges. 

The last five will be chosen based on most viewed, most liked and the videos with the most comments.


Stay tuned to 

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Do you have what it takes?

Ready to WOW us?

Let the WORD WAR begin, 

and may the best poet win…!!!!


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    Do my people need dozens of Moons?
    Bags of Blazing suns?
    Arrays of glittering stars?
    Or Plurality of still born promises?
    Do they need scores of craggy mountains?
    Trailers of Gold dust?

    My people inundate no one with insufferable loads!
    All what my people need is that lasting source
    That”ll enable them grease there blunt teeth
    Water there dry system,
    Sustain there frail kids,
    And constantly fuel there stunted pocket.

    My people don”t wanna shop down stores,
    All what my people need, are just few garbs to shield
    them from perishing cold and bites from sizzling sun.
    My people don”t need your mansions , just give them
    Bulwark huts ,to lay there overworked souls.
    But ,yet,unfortunately,they only want to give all this:
    When Pigs Fly!

    My demand a cure to the protracting illness of our dear,poor
    Power supply!
    My people need a tender Shepherd that”ll there flock
    My people are tired of seeing Canaan only in dreamland
    My people need men of actions not men only in sugar-coated tongues.
    Maybe,there rare incorruptible fingers,will balance
    This tilted justice scale of ours!
    For my people need Reality! ,They need liberty!

    But who will Joshua my people, from this wilderness
    To Canaan , where it flows with honey and milk?
    Who will give them what they need without first taking a chunk of the meal?
    Am sure is not all this insatiable looters in guise of benefactors
    I am believe you know it”s in the hand of you and I,
    To table our plight! to the most high!

    Video link:http://youtu.be/yPW9c5BGuok

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