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Violence of Silence by Akeem Adetayo Oyalowo


It was the age of consent
That got condensed
That has no incentives
Got stuck on a single perspective
Got more than a fair share of reception
And accelerated deception
She stood in the shadows all through
If she wore purple
Her feelings remained blue
That led her to not be forgiving
Remained on the shelf
So, walking on empty
Till empty became heavy
Coming of age too soon
But arriving late for her honeymoon
Laid bare once in a blue moon
If the sun keeps to this time
All the clothes that we spread
Will remain wet for a long time
And this time, it was her soul that we were talking about
Things only narrators know
Stories which never found paper or ink
Advice which cajoled you
Admonishing you to think about what people would think
Flesh that could not separate itself from blood
Kept the bugs on the bed
It was the silence that laid the seeds
It was no rocket science
That when no price is paid for misdeeds
History will repeat itself
Brushed smooth with the general tag of violence…

Akeem Adetayo Oyalowo
November 11, 2019


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