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Vexation Chronicle


I know lame men that can walk,
men who sit on porches
waiting for whom to lend them a hand
when there are mouths for them to feed

I know men, that have refused
to lead by example
and practice what they teach
yet scream orders at every passing being

I know men,
masters at nothing
but dictatorship,
blaming others
for things they could have changed

I know men who rise at dawn
and laze around
till dusk is come
when they scratch their bellies
and demand for food

I know fathers,
waiting for miracles
in form of spouses
of the daughters
they did not train…

I see men
seeking their worth
in nothing of value
because they have refused to work



Pix source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z68chqT-Hz4

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