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Vanity the new Sanity by Osagie Alex



Everyone has a soft spot,
But not all jack hit the pot,
This is no game,
Let’s analyze this craze for fame

See am a great fan of adverts,
It always stirs my creativity and ingenuity,
But when it begins to help us redefine our identity,
Then we must check our level of sanity

Achilles was not the only one with a heel,
Lately we have all been drawn uphill,
Adverts gradually turning us perverts,
Everything brought to bare nothing covert,

Sex sells anything more than the thing itself,
But above sex is self in the hierarchy,
This is not a monarchy,
But its the line that leads us to further tragedy,

Business thrive on publicity,
Fueling our lust for vanity,
We rather buy a coke today if we see our name on it,
But common,
They only found a way to serve self centeredness,
Cause your name is on the label
Vanity the new sanity

Someone rightly said and got me thinking,
If my name is on a bottle of coke,
Does it mean its in the book of life,
Ponder on it,
With all sincerity and devoid of strive

Vanity upon Vanity, all is vanity,
A thin line between sanity and insanity,
But after my careful observation
Until we put self on the shelf,
We will continue to take pride even in our humility,
I can only envisage what’s in store for humanity

In the words of Jon Stewart,
Its worthy of note,
A debate must have at least two people for it to be considered a debate.
Otherwise, it’s a masturbate.
So in being considerate,
Truth is a hard pill to swallow,
Cause some times our wind pipe is narrow,
Don’t hate, its just my opinion,
Vanity the new Sanity

A vane person is actually seen today as sane..
Vanity’s sanity the order of today’s liberty.
I feel empathy for those engulfed in this,
Cause vanity is nothing of bliss.


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