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VALidating my love this day


Let me VALidate my VAL this VALentine
cos I love her with all my heart, my liver and intestine

I celebrate my VAL
The only one I truly VALue
Before the arriVAL of VAL’s day FestiVAL

None can riVAL you
You’re inVALuable
Flawless, no equiVALent

Lemme be your ball boy
Call me Victor VALdez
And even though I play with words
I’ll never play with your heart
Never dribble you like RiVALdo

I’ll give my all to you
I’ll take off my VALve
Give you all I have
You’re all I have

Times will pass
Seasons will go
Yet our love will remain
An endless surviVAL

Indeed love’s ReviVAL
Is the key
To love’s surviVAL

So I’ll still love you
Whether you are flat, round or oVAL
I’ll still love you
Even when the VALency of your beauty reduces
Cos my love for your is VALid
With an endless VALidity

I celebrate you today
Not just because it’s a love festiVAL
But because everyday with you is a love carniVAL!!!

Happy Valentines!
From @saintrhymes
Poet|Compere|Creative Communicator

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