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Using Lions, Crocodiles and Hippopotamuses to understand SWOT Analysis by Olumide Holloway

I’m a fan of the NatGeo wild TV channel.
The three animals I like to watch are the Lion, Crocodile and Hippopotamus.
Why these three?
Cos I understood SWOT analysis better from them….
Let’s talk about the Lion a lil.
What can man learn from this beast?
Well, God called himself, “the Lion of the tribe of Judah” and described the enemy “as a roaring Lion seeking for who to devour.”
Many sport teams and individuals also associate themselves with the Lion.
In the story of survival, the Lion never walks, I mean, works alone, this we can term as a company/ organization/ community (better known as a pride of Lions).
Hunting for prey is a joint effort, all matured females take the lead in the hunt, but when the prey is problematic e.g. matured Buffalo or Giraffe, then the male Lion shows up to help out. This signifies delegation of duties, collaboration and cooperation between members, else no food for you.
The male Lion eats first, matured females eat next, then the cubs – this is a chain of authority.
Do you know the Lion also hunt and kill Elephants?
The Lion is bold, fears no one, dares everyone.
However, one animal the Lion is yet to (consistently and successfully) kill and eat is the Crocodile. Lion doesn’t fear the Crocodile, but it will never get into the water with a Crocodile.
The Lion recognizes it’s own weaknesses (it’s not a good swimmer and can’t stay underwater) and thus it acknowledges the Crocodile is a better beast in the water, and therefore a threat if and when the Lion ventures into deep water.
But you know what is funny, the Crocodile will never ever dare a fully grown Hippopotamus in the water. Yet, Lions hunt and kill Hippos.
One more thing about the Lion, it’s very strategic. It’s no mean feat to kill a fully grown Elephant. Thus, the Lion usually bend (or break a lil) it’s own rule to ensure the hunt is successful. Knowing the rules to bend and the ones to break, and when to do same is more or less, actionable strategies from SWOT analysis.
Maybe tomorrow we will talk some more on the other two beasts I.e. Crocodile and Hippopotamus.
King Olulu not from Zulu (aka Olumide Holloway).

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