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Untitled by Olúwádàre A. Kóláwolé


Lucifer sighs in anxious relief
With a busy pitchfork
He sets about the slimy task
And reaps a million souls

The watchman shouts in frantic warning
Unheeded, the sentinel’s trumpet blasts in needless alarm
A stubborn generation
Full of wordly wisdom
Hell-bent on self satisfaction
Scorns the virtues of ancient saints
And down the wild wide path they trek

Fair angels with tempting curves
Beckon to the unwary pilgrim
Danger lurks in hidden bars
Snares of darkness along pleasure alleys

Neon lights promise lasting pleasures
Plastic displays of sensual delight
Speakers at a trillion decibels blast away scanty reason
Caution to the winds
The carnal soul away with the music swings
Into the waiting talons of the Grim Reaper.

Olúwádàre A. Kóláwolé

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