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UNTITLED by Increase Nathaniel


And I tried to hide
For I found no one
In whom to confide.
By day I cried,
By night I wept.
My eyes a vigil kept,
When all the world
Had slept;
I was the only one left.

I felt the chill
From death’s fingers
I heard it’s echoes
From banshee singers,
I sniffed its air;
In the sphere, it lingers.
I tried to close my eye,
I even longed to die,
Empty were the rivers of
And so I couldn’t cry.

Just then
When I was left
To hangout to dry,
That very day;
God sent you my way.
You brought me
The suns golden rays
You helped me listen
To the sweet music
That lovely song which
My heart beat plays.
You drove my fears away,
And helped me come
To live in a brand new day.
You were my hope
When I gave up,
You were my beat
When my heart
You spiked me up
When my pulse

How ever can I say
Thank you,
How ever can I show
That I appreciate you,
O! How ever can I say
That I cherish you.
Now to love
I’m a debtor
Unto man
And to his creator
For you
His wonderful creature;
That restores life
And bids great pleasure.
You are my life’s greatest

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