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UNTITLED by by Ikechukwu Michael


So we lay bare like a mess

Washed of a naked shore

Entangled with weeds from last night’s high

Abandoned by tides that rose us to a peak

We never dreamt we’ll reach

And now we are afraid to speak

Afraid to speak of glistening grains

Of sand reflecting cracked images

Of what we should be

So we bathe in the ecstasy of the moment

Letting the next tide riddle our skin with pleasures

With fingers racing aimlessly about

The crown of soaring nipples

Like a dog chasing it’s tail in joyful

Perversions till it’s tongue worships

The tip and yet we are afraid to speak

For we fear we would reek

With words that will remain untitled


by Ikechukwu Michael


Picture Source: http://gapingvoid.com/blog/2006/04/30/untitled-318/

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