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 Unsung Heroes


To The unheard of men and women

This is a tribute to you


The ones before me
That paves the way for me
That shed tears for me
That felt the pain for me
That bleeds for me

I owe you my life

For the Cotten you picked
The sugar can you cut
The rum you made
The houses you clean
The land you plough

For hours and hours
With or
Without food or a drink of fresh water
I was not born yet but now

I cry for you

For the clothes you washed for the slave masters
For the feeding of their babies while
Yours are dying
For every night you laid on the cold concrete instead of a warm bed

I thank god because without you there would be no me

For the names that you took and have to give up your African names
For being a product and not a person
For being a sex slave to them
For being a piece a meat for their pleasure

I thank you for your strength.

Your bones
Your blood
The Atlantic still has the taste of tears

To you my hero
Each time I look in the mirror
I am reminded that I am proud
To be
an #african
a #Jamaican

Most importantly

Romaine Anthonio Davy

© copyright 2015

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