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Unlike Any (watch 5 awesome spoken word poetry adverts by UNDER ARMOUR)


For Jessie, by Kojey Radical

I want to know what it feels like
to leap from cloud to cloud
and not look down once

I want to know how you skip
across the stars
and use the moon as a landing mat.
I looked onwards in awe and said
teach me

teach me to fly through the air
like the flight of pegasus

and remind me of exactly what it’s like
to be unlike any.


For Alison, by Aja Monet

I lift myself, I raise
Unafraid and daring
I am what escapes

what flees and flies
what splits and dashes

I am a dance
I do not fall
I am a heel breaking the ground
the dust of toes
wings waving in wind

I move,
I am a movement,
focused and fierce, I smile.
I laugh,
I lift and carry sisters
I am most free running for freedom

Unlike Any


For Zoe, by Aristophanes

I come here with my injury,
to see your injury.
From here on,
I fight against what I can
And what I can’t.
I fight against those who dismiss me,
my pain,
and my potential.
I fight in my own way,
so I will rise above all.
Unlike Any.

For Misty, by Saul Williams

The systemic structure
built to keep me in place
is the stage I dance on.
Black and Woman.
Motherships, my mother’s hips
beheld deep space.
Astronaut of corporal grace.

Born in a land mine.

As an idea points its toe to flex
to shape the form of possibility

I am testament
twirled into afterthought
the touch and taste of epiphany.

To match my strength
is to feel your own
Yet, like any born
to blaze a trail
to sing a song
and land in jail
to risk it all
to change the game
to shift the form
and take its name
when chased by dogs
and pats des chats
to shatter norms
to solo and
to feel alone
to take up space
in history’s home
to harbor hopes
wishes and dreams
to bring the untold
into being

The oppressor’s gaze
ain’t all-eye-seeing
I’m unlike any.

For Natasha, by Dominique Christina

It’s quiet now
I am alone with myself
Remembering the days
When I didn’t think I could
When I didn’t know I should
When doubt was a hiss
in my ear.

But I’m awake now,
Can you see me?
I, ambassador
I, fire starter
I, rain-maker

I figured out how to fly
How to command my limbs

Of my immaculate womanness
The red lipstick war paint,
I am a chariot of possibility.

I, am unlike…any.

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