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Unfolded and These Times: Poetry events holding in June 2021


Louthotz Poetry Reading Season 12 Episode 6 Theme: ”THESE TIMES” Venue: Orange Academy, 3b Adesoye Street Mende, Maryland, Lagos.

Date: June 10, 2021.

Time: 6:30pm – 8.30pm.

If you are a poet or a lover of poetry, turn up, let’s enjoy an evening of poetic bliss together.

If you are interested in reading your poems, please send in your poems to loudthotz@gmail.com

If you won’t be around physically to read your poem. Someone could help you read once you click:  https://paystack.com/pay/preading

Only poems read during the poetry sessions are published at the end of the season.

Unfolded is a curated poetry experience employing art forms as music, painting and spoken word as avenues for expression, connection, and interaction.

With conversations on creativity, the chance to paint your feelings into art you can take home, a blindfolded reaction to poetry, thrilling games, musical performances and much more, Unfolded is a meditation riding on gripping art, soulful sounds, edgy melodies, imagination, diverse hues, and community.

Ultimately making you and your experiences as the poem

Grab a ticket using the link below:




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