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Touch by Donna Ogunnaike || Spoken Word Poetry



This performance piece is “Touch”. Although written at a time when Nigeria was battling the Ebola Virus, most of the thoughts captured in the poem are relevant to our present challenges with Covid 19. It reminds us of the memory of “Touch” even though we can’t do that yet.

Today, our world battles a pandemic that is implanting new habits in us, our modes of greeting are changing, social distancing is advised, no touching, no hugging, communities are loosing that precious time of bonding, no final goodbyes when their beloved ones die and society is being taught how to wear gloves and masks to avoid the spread…and we need to obey all the safety guidelines.

This poem is my personal prayer to the world, that this too shall pass, because “it should not be this way”. I pray that this deadly virus of fear will not leave us only with a memory of touch and that this language called ‘Touch’ will no longer be taken away from us.

This performance was at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August 2019… when we could play outside. πŸ˜₯β€πŸ™πŸ½

Meet Donna Ogunnaike here: www.instagram.com/donnaogunnaike/

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