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To the lover I have yet to find


I don’t know who my next love will be,
But I know she’s warm
Like california.
She’s nothing like me, but she’s into everything I’m into
She doesn’t laugh at my jokes but she smiles at my attempts,
And that smile is enough for me.

We do more than spend time together,
We share worlds
Experiencing moments as one
And because of that I want to explore this entire planet with you
I’ve spent a large part of my past in fear of the future
But with you,
Tomorrow looks like adventure
It looks like unfamiliar cities,
Watching sunsets on top of buildings we aren’t allowed,
Thinking isn’t it crazy?
How people have ownership over parts of a planet that was gifted to us all
That we have created borders between land we have no claim to
You’ll tell me it is crazy,
Then walk me back to reality, reminding me the world can’t be everything i’d like to imagine in my head

I imagine love with you feels like being lost,
But knowing exactly where I am
Because anywhere with you is exactly where I should be,
I’m not sure what my next love will look like
But I know we will love like we were the last two people on earth
And I will remind you how to forget
About a past that hasn’t treated you as well as our future will
About a world trying to shape you into something cold
I’ll tell you I hate the cold
Both in the wind and in people
And those people, they will tell us we’re only young
That it’s always easy at this stage
And we will laugh
Knowing the happiness we have found is one that we have worked for
And it will defy all odds
We will show the world how to love again

To my soulmate
Wherever you are
I have spent a lifetime looking for you
Without knowledge of how you look, sound, or smell
But I know how you will make me feel
Sometimes I fear I’ve felt everything I ever will
But you will show me what it means to feel again

This is a letter to the lover I have yet to find
I don’t know how you look, sound or smell
But I know you are here

filmed in jamaica
special thanks to my friends faraji (@faraji.sparks) and nix (@nixivogel)

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