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To the gallant ones


These ones signed off their lives,
So that the rest of us can live,
And enjoy the peace the chose to pay,
By the continuous droplets of their blood.
They live in shacks,
Their meal so bare,
They drink in spots
We may never dare,
These are the men,
And women of no small repute,
They made a vocation,
To keep us safe,
Their lives are in their breathe.

Each day to them
Is a brand new gift,
A gem to be cherished
Because the path they thread
Is not a track for the weak
They fight day and night,
When we merry in and out.

So we stand and salute
The courage of these gallant beings,
The young and old alike
Fighting in trenches
Foraying in treacherous climes,
So that our lives can be pleasing
While we rest our heads at night
And slumber in oblivion
Of the warriors in-between.

Ayòkúnlé Kómoláfé, 2020

Celebrating the Nigerian Armed Forces Remembrance Day 2020.

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