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To the ageless, priceless, and timeless one.


They say everything has its price,

pray tell me,

what is the cost of experience in the market?

It’s priceless.

They say time is money,

pray tell me,

how much is 123 years worth on the Nigerian stock exchange?

It is timeless.

They say the Lion is the King of the Jungle,

pray tell me,

why then do Lions flee from an Elephant?

It is because the Elephant is fearless.

They say age is nothing but a number.



but 123 years is not just a number,

it’s a statement of fact;

it’s a symbol;

it’s a legacy.

It shows generations have lived and exited,

people have come and gone,

storms have raged and ended,


the Elephant still stands.

With experiences that are timeless.

It’s worth is much more than gold,

it is simply priceless.

No matter the opposition, competition or dispensation,

the Elephant remains fearless.

And at over 120 years and still counting,

it’s nothing short of being called, ageless.

So on this day

This month

This year

I raise my glasses to the ageless,


timeless one,

Not for any reason

but to celebrate one with no equal.



Olumide Holloway

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