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Thoughts about the world


I started late
Two chains off my waist
In the night of day

Do not teach me your way
To add to the numbers
Wake me from my slumber
Re-ignite my faith

I see the hand that strikes
I see the assailant’s smile
A payday swiftly achieved on a show of strength
Change didn’t come along with the check that was sent

You sent me to the wolves
Then told tales to the sheep
You gave me shoes to wear
Then showed the world, the back of my soles

I exited a door twice in a week and became British
I am as unlettered as the absent comma, please teach me English

I’ve got chains around my neck to show I survived slavery
We now abhor political correctness but have room for racists
Give me a dime, you can have my diamond
You charge me with a crime, when I’ve only been feeding on almonds

It has nothing to do with drought, but I do not have water
The networks are making billions by their devotion to the fields of slaughter
Istanbul wasn’t same as a bull in a china shop
Kin of a culprit playing victim shouldn’t make the world stop

A lone ranger in a berlin cinema went berserk
They discussed the religion and their penchant for attacks
Hours later, man was said just to be disturbed
But we have laid the mental carpet, set our audience on a journey of no return

Your narratives seem to make us primitive
One side doing all the talking, when we are supposed to be a collective
We do not reflect and act
We just report the act and report the reactions

The whole of Iceland watched just to see England hurt
Thereafter everyone became professors in picking faults
A soul may be the source
But lips often have the burden of carrying the poison vaults

Arms wrapped around myself to feel the warmness of an embrace
They claim we are approaching the end of days
While being addicted to preaching hate
Makes me wonder who’s going to preach to the preacher to amend his ways…

Akeem Adetayo Oyalowo.

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