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I gaze, I reflect, I meditate
This is always my fixed mental state
This is unique to me and not an inherited trait
I’m happy it came early enough not when it would be late…

My mind is always busy
But I’m never uneasy
Doesn’t make me weak or dizzy
You’re just a weirdo!confessed my girlfriend Lizzy…

I caught me a vision not too long ago
When precisely, you don’t need to know
It has me bound to its rhythm and flow
Wherever this path may lead,I’m ready to go…

The way up the mountain
Is endowed with definite pain
But the competition up there is less
And promises non-abundant stress…

I love plans that are unique
Styles that will launch you to the peak
Nonetheless one’s heart must be meek
Must constantly the MASTER’S direction seek…

Many eyes are looking only a few can see
Many believe in fate say what will be will be
I thank GOD for giving a distinctive mind to me
Ain’t in the clamour,sets me at liberty…

Inspiration flows on spontaneous
A normal phenomenon and natural freebie
A privileged fountain that pours divinely
This is my reality,my story,my destiny…

I caught me a vision not too long ago
Your harvest is determined by the soil&seeds you sow
Must be steady in your strides not on a tippy toe
May be knocked over on the journey if you’re going too slow…

I am avowed to pursue my vision
Must drive it to completion
That’s my destiny’s donation
Won’t be veered off track by distraction…

My life is guided by the decisions I make
My ascent empowered by the pitches I stake
My impact celebrated by the cake that I bake
I alone will gain the ‘cons’ of being real or fake…

My vision is my resolute guide
Its tent I have sworn to abide
Committed to be drowned by its tide
I am my vision’s ally, in me its unashamed to confide…


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