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This new year.



It’s been a long year
It’s been a tough steer
Some situations have not been clear
Some have not been fair
Knuckles for those that are my peer
Hat doffing for those above my tier
Apologies to those i hurt as i still care
To those that love me, it’s good to know i’m still dear
I thank God for every smile he made me share
For every gift especially poetic flair
As well as for every drop of tear
Thanks to everyone that has been  there
May it bring enough that we can bear

Enough sunshine to appreciate every drop of rain
Enough bicycle rides to appreciate the departure of every train
Enough liquid waste to appreciate the importance of the drain
Enough heavy loads to appreciate the work of the crane
Enough days on the sea to appreciate the speed of airplane
Enough loss to appreciate every gain
Enough pleasure to get over every pain
Enough food to help to sustain
Enough hills to appreciate the greatness of every mountain
Enough bitterleaf to appreciate the sweetness of sugarcane
Enough obscurity to appreciate things that are plain
Enough insanity to appreciate everyone that’s sane
Enough justice to see to every complain
Enough issues to appreciate the work of the brain
And enough love to get over every disdain

Kehinde Babajide

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