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This is not a poem by Emebiriodo


Life’s short
Be a rebel
A villain
A hero
A crook
Break rules nwanne
Jot those verses
Pen that prose
Sing without words
Dance in the rain
Avoid love if you can
Sing with your off-tune voice
Scream out your lungs it’s your choice
Scream fuck the world when you have to

Did I mention travel??
Off mapped routes
Listen with your eyes closed
To the rhythm of languages
You don’t speak.
Walk barefoot
Dance without music
Sneak into rose gardens
Inhale their magic until you’re nauseous

Be art
Crave new adventures
Relive old mischiefs
Lose your way at least once

Stay young
Redefine aging
Be old
Fuck that
Who said being old is wrong
Wear your rag or crown proudly
You earned that shit
Lean back on sober nights and count stars
Lean back on drunken nights and watch the stars dance

Take time to inhale moments
Be your own entertainment
Smoke yourself breathless
If you have to
brew your own wine
Know your high
Don’t forget to love yourself
There ain’t no bunk caskets
Or bunk graves

Life’s short
Shor, shorter than short
Sho, shorter than shor
Sh the sound of silence
When this chapter closes

Everybody gotta die

This is not a poem


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